National Control Line Racing Association
07/08/2023 to 07/14/2023

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There are several classes of CL Racing, but the idea is the same for all: finish the designated number of laps before the competition.  Those who turn in the fastest preliminary heats advance to longer feature races.  Two or more entries fly at the same time. This is a team event, with each team consisting of a pilot and one or two people serving as a pit crew. Upon the “go” signal, the pit crew starts the engine and releases the aircraft. One or more pit stops for fuel are required in each race.  Many of the aircraft are equipped with shutoffs, so the pilots can land whenever the team decides. Other elaborate equipment is designed to speed up the mandatory pit stops.  Watch for quick landings and fast restarts.  There are many classes of CL Racing, including Mouse Race, Goodyear (Scale), Rat Race, Slow Rat Race, and FAI Team Race, in which participants compete at a world-class level.

Nats News

June 24, 2021: Control Line Racing

By Tim Stone

Two events were run Wednesday, Texas Quickie Rat (TQR) and Dallas Sport Goodyear.

TQR had a decent turnout with eight entries. Motors were all K&B 4011s or 8011s—long out of production but easily found on auction sites. Top finishers had close races, and there was an unusual number of mechanical problems with others. The final race winner was Chuck Barnes Jr.

June 23, 2021: Control Line Racing

By Tim Stone

Two events were scheduled to be run Tuesday: AMA Slow Rat and AMA Goodyear. The weather was cool and calm at roughly 52° in the morning. It definitely was one of the coolest Muncie Nats on record. Several teams had blown plug problems, as was rumored to be the same later at the speed circles.

June 22, 2021: Control Line Racing

By Tim Stone

Three events were to be run Monday, but Muncie’s weather had other plans! Wind gusts of over 25 mph led to the postponement of all of the racing schedules.

F2C is the only international racing event that’s run at the US Nationals. Due to the cost, difficulty, and complexity, it has shrunk to even smaller participation than in past years. Three teams were entered, but due to weather conditions, the event was postponed indefinitely.

June 21, 2021: Control Line Racing

Opening report by Tim Stone

The sun shines once again on Muncie! Last year’s Nats for Control Line Racing was run, but the turnout was dismal. If I believe the forum vibe that I get, there is a greater sense of enthusiasm for this year’s contest than there has been for quite a while! Pre-entries in some events are double from 2020.

2020 Outdoor Nats in Photos

The 2020 Outdoor Nats took place July 12-August 5 at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana. Although the pandemic made for an interesting and complicated year, several events still took place safely, allowing competitors and AMA members to continue to enjoy our hobby.

We have created a photo gallery for this year's event. Please feel free to like, share, download, and print a few!