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June 23, 2021: Control Line Racing

By Tim Stone

Two events were scheduled to be run Tuesday: AMA Slow Rat and AMA Goodyear. The weather was cool and calm at roughly 52° in the morning. It definitely was one of the coolest Muncie Nats on record. Several teams had blown plug problems, as was rumored to be the same later at the speed circles.

Slow Rat had eight entries, which is nearly double last year’s turnout. There were some decent races. The favored plane this year was the Mockingbird, kitted by Pat King. Richard Kucjeko entered a neat Bearcat semiscale racer, also rumored to soon be kitted by Pat King.

The dominant engine was the GO .25, with Mike Greb running a good-running GMS .25 ABC. Oge/Stone both had to scratch because of mechanical problems. The two 2-Up finals were run with the New Jersey team of Alberto Ferraro and Tom Schafer coming up as the winners.

AMA Goodyear also had eight entries, which was larger than last year. The motors were the typical Nelson, Rossi MK 2 and 3, and a Fora run by Richard Kucjeko. There were no outstanding times posted. Four of the eight teams scratched because of mechanical problems. Two 2-Up finals were run, with Bob Oge winning the event.

Bob’s airplane had won the Nats countless times in various incarnations. Its wing was first built by Stewart Willoughby in 1978! Veteran Dave Macdonald was a spectator this year, as was Stewart.

Alberto Ferraro with his Slow Rat winning entry powered by a GO 25.

Bill Bischoff and Chuck Barnes lean into it during Slow Rat.

David Betz pits his AMA GY.

The Goodyear winners circle.

Mike Greb's pretty Cassutt AMA GY.

Mike Greb's Slow Rat aircraft's detail.

Mike Greb's Slow Rat entry.

Richard Kucejko's Slow Rat, soon to be a PDK LLC kit.

Slow Rat winners.

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