National Aeromodeling Championships

The annual Aeromodeling competition held at the International Aeromodeling Center, Muncie, Indiana


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Well, this is it. Another Nats is in the books—a special one, considering it’s the 100th anniversary of the first Nats. Everyone had a great time, and I look forward to seeing everyone continue to improve with their flying in the future.

2023 Nats Heli Contestants

Wednesday morning, we started an hour later than normal. By the time we started, the temperature was a comfortable mid-70s, and the wind was slightly greater coming from the southeast.


Tuesday morning was another cool and calm day. Surprisingly, the wind held off until well into the afternoon. This resulted in everyone performing better in their rounds.

Winners of the Freestyle

The 2023 IMAC Nats was a complete success on many fronts. First, this was the largest IMAC Nats we have seen in years.


Nats Demystified

thermal hunting demystified

In our final episode of Nats Demystified, Matt Ruddick talks to Wally Adasczik and Bob Sifleet about hunting thermals in Soaring and Free Flight events.

windy conditions demystified

Join Matt Ruddick for another Nats Demystified where he talks to League of Silent Flight Secretary John Marien about how sailplanes are able to soar in windy conditions.

lost free flight model demystified

Matt Ruddick comes back for another episode of Nats Demystified to talk to four-time Nats champion Bob Sifleet about how free flight modelers find stray models.  

winch launch sailplanes demystified

In this episode of Nats Demystified, AMA's Matt Ruddick talks to League of Silent Flight President Wally Adasczik about sailplanes, particularly about on way these aircraft are launched into the air without the need for a propeller or tow-plane.


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