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Radio Control Scale

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07/11/2024 to 07/14/2024
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RC Scale models are miniature replicas of full-scale aircraft.  They are judged for the degree of perfection in matching the full-scale aircraft's scaled measurements, finish, details, etc.  How well the models' flight maneuvers match those the full-scale aircraft could perform is also scored.  The models are quite varied; almost any airplane you can think of has modeled.  Today, even jet aircraft are becoming popular and are normally found in the top 10 of any Scale contest.

Nats News

June 21, 2021: RC Scale Ends

By Rachelle Haughn

Saturday, June 19, was the final day of the RC Scale Nats. Flying was canceled because of weather and the awards were handed out at the Claude McCullough Education Facility.


Jack Buckley's Fairchild 24 took first place in Designer Scale, first in F4H, got the High Static award, and won Pilots' Choice for Best Civilian aircraft.

June 19, 2021: RC Scale

By Rachelle Haughn

Strong wind gusts prevented flying on Friday. After testing the air, the RC Scale Nats were called for the day. Friday evening was the National Association of Scale Aeromodelers banquet and two pilots were inducted into the RC Scale Hall of Fame.