National Association of Scale Modelers
07/15/2022 to 07/17/2022

These models are replicas of full-scale aircraft.  They are judged for workmanship, accuracy of detail, and other factors.  They must fly and are scored on their ability to take off, land and perform other tasks.  Precision Scale aircraft are the most detailed models and must be accompanied with airplane documentation showing the model's fidelity to the full-scale aircraft.  Sport Scale requires less-precise detailing, and the aircraft are judged from a distance.  Profile Scale is similar to Sport Scale, with the added provision that the models have profile (slab) fuselages. In Sport and Profile Scale, flying increases in importance.

Nats News

June 19, 2021: Control Line Scale

By Fred Cronenwett

As predicted, the storms came in Friday and we were presented with very windy conditions and rain headed our way. It was decided by all of the pilots to call the CL Scale Nats after the two rounds that were flown the day before.

June 18, 2021: Control Line Scale

By Fred Cronenwett

We started out with the plan to do the static judging and then fly rounds 1 and 2 on Friday, but the weather forecast indicated that we should consider flying as much as possible on Thursday after all of the static judging was done.

June 17, 2021: Control Line Scale

Event preview by Fred Cronenwett

(All photos taken at previous Nats.)

Welcome to the 2021 CL Scale Nats. I am excited that we can fly together once again. We will see what is new and what is the same. It seems like it has been a really long time since we have all flown together at the Nats because the 2020 CL Scale Nats was canceled due to COVID-19.

Outdoor Nats Update June 17, 2020

AMA looks forward to hosting a fun and safe Nats this year at the International Aeromodeling Center (IAC)! Today, we have new developments to announce for Nats 2020. 

2020 Outdoor Nats to Proceed as Scheduled

After careful deliberation, the AMA Executive Council has agreed to not cancel the 2020 Outdoor Nats. This decision is aligned with state and federal guidelines for events concerning COVID-19. The 2020 AMA Nats will take place to the extent that individual Nats organizers plan and conduct their respective events. Additional safety measures will be in place to protect our members, staff, and community. Nats participants and visitors to the International Aeromdeling Center will have limited access to AMA facilities and should anticipate a scaled-back Nats experience.

RC and CL Scale Nats Update

The 2020 National Aeromodeling Championships (Nats) are still scheduled to begin July 12. AMA is continuing to monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s impact on our upcoming events. Our final decision on moving forward with the Nats will take place June 10. AMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are also making decisions for their individual schedules, and some are choosing to make earlier cancellations for their events The following message is from Mike Barbee, president of the National Association of Scale Aeromodelers:

Nats Demystified: Keeping Control Line Untangled

Do you ever wonder how particular Nats events work and what preparation goes into the aircraft being flown? Now you can find out with our summer series, Nats Demystified. How do Control Line pilots keep the lines untangled?

Nats Demystified: U-Control Handles

Do you ever wonder how particular Nats events work and what preparation goes into the aircraft being flown? Now you can find out with our summer series, Nats Demystified. First up, how do Control Line handles work?

2019 CL Scale Nats Recap

The 2019 CL Scale Nats were held July 12-14 at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana. See all the highlights of this year’s event and final results with our NatsNews 2019 CL Scale edition. NatsNews: 2019 CL Scale