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Press Kit

National Aeromodeling Championships
2024 Press Kit and Guide

The 2024 National Aeromodeling Championship Logo was inspired by 1950s-era signage and branding commonly used during the Nats. The three stars in the primary logo represent the three major disciplines of model aviation: radio control, control line, and free flight. 

Nats 2024 Primary logo

The Primary logo of the 2024 National Aeromodeling Championships.


The primary logo should be used when possible. If a use case for the logo causes text to become illegible, or the dimensions do not allow for usage, the horizontal version of the logo may be used.

The secondary horizontal logo of the 2024 National Aeromodeling Championships.



Color versions should be prioritized, but in some cases, black-and-white versions may be required. In such cases, these versions have been provided to you in the .zip file below.


Please, email marketing@modelaircraft.org if you have any questions or requests for Nats branding.