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July 17, 2020: CL Racing

By Tim Stone

Racing wound up Thursday with two events: Clown Race and Super Slow Rat/Fox combo.

Super Slow Rat
Five teams entered. No Fox-powered entries this year. Fox holdout Tim Stone rebuilt his Mongoose and fitted a Brodak .25 on front. The only motor used this year was the Brodak .25, which has proven to be a superior engine in this event. By event rules, these motors have to be stock with no modifications. At race time, it was 20° cooler than forecast, and skies were not very good looking. Winds were high, gusty, and increasing as time went by. After a short wait, it was decided to be good enough to race. Sporadic rain and high, gusty winds made flying a challenge and pitting pretty miserable as well.

The race format decided was back to back, two-up 100 lap/2 pit races with best time winning. No final was run. Two, two-up races were run with the fifth entry getting voluntary traffic flyer. Races were fun, but all were pretty much just glad to get it over with to dry up! Times are per scoreboard photo. Greb/Bischoff ran a decent time for the win.

Clown Race
Once a leisurely event, extremely fast new motors have become the death of this race.  Just two pre-entered, but scratched due to poor weather.

The annual National Control Line Racing Society (NCLRA) banquet was held Thursday evening. Bill Bischoff and Les Akre were re-elected as NCLRA president and vice president. New treasurer, Tim Stone, was elected, with a big thanks to outgoing treasurer, Melvin Schuette. Melvin gave his time generously to the organization, in spite of many obligations. Melvin and wife, Brenda, run MBS Model Supply, which provides many vital, and hard to find Control Line parts. Brenda has also been Control Line’s tireless advocate as our AMA liaison.

Thanks go out to Tara DeGroff for helping time races and supplying many of the pictures that were used in this years’ NatsNews. Thanks also go out to Zella Betz for spending hours in the hot Muncie sun doing timing duties. The same thanks go to Pat King for doing the same job. Pat is the owner of PDK LLC which kits a ton of Control Line models. Please visit his website https://pdkllc.com/airplanes/ to look at his catalog. His plans and kits are first rate.

David Betz's Super Slow Rat no-name entry.

Bill Lee pits his Slow Rat.

Bill Bischoff's Mockingbird, kitted by PDK LLC.

Tim Stone's rebuilt .

Mike Greb with another steady pit.

Mike Greb's Mockingbird.

Slow Rat Race scoreboard.

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