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July 16, 2020: CL Racing

By Tim Stone

Racing Wednesday were two events Texas origin: Texas Quickie Rat and Dallas Sport Goodyear. These events usually bring out some of the best races because of their time proven rules. Both events use stock engines that are still easily available and cheap, simple models with no exotic parts.

Texas Quickie
This event allows a choice of motors in the .40 size. All must be single bypass, ¼” x 28 glow plug and a .292 max diameter venturi. Over time, the K&B .8011 and .4011 have become motors of choice. There were tens of thousands made, and almost all parts are still available through Model Engine Company of America.

Turnout was light and the Texas teams posted their usual excellent times. Races were run 2 up because of low entries. Bill Lee ran a decent 6:45 for the win while Mike Greb had plug problems.

Dallas Sport Goodyear
Now one of the premier racing events, many are looking forward to these races. Dallas Sport Good Year rules have slowly been modified over time to keep almost anyone competitive. Engines have evolved and changed as they have gone in, and out of production. Last year, the ASP/Magnum .15 went out of production. A new motor, the SH .15, came into production and is a virtual clone of the Magnum .15 in power. Dallas rules now allow these as the Magnum/ASP supply is running out.

Nine entries made for a good turnout and 3, 3-up races. The format this year was to give each contestant 2, 80-lap back-to-back races. All times were then sorted from fastest to slowest, and divided into gold, silver, and bronze races. By doing this, everybody got two preliminaries and a final race.

The Muncie air was heavy, and times were a bit on the slower side, but consistent. The Texas teams again did well in this event. Richard Kucejeko teamed with TJ Viera to race and, with little practice, they did well. TJ has vastly improved his racing skills since last year. For final results, see the scoreboard pix.

TJ Viera'ss lean Nemesis.

Sport Goodyear models.

Richard Kucejko's Nemesis.

Patrick Hempel's Knotty Girl.

Mike Greb adjusts Bill's Boo Ray.

Bob Heywood's pretty Cassutt.

Bill Bischoff's Boo Ray.

TQ entries.

Sport Goodyear scoreboard.

Texas Quickie Rat scoreboard.

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