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June 24, 2021: Control Line Racing

By Tim Stone

Two events were run Wednesday, Texas Quickie Rat (TQR) and Dallas Sport Goodyear.

TQR had a decent turnout with eight entries. Motors were all K&B 4011s or 8011s—long out of production but easily found on auction sites. Top finishers had close races, and there was an unusual number of mechanical problems with others. The final race winner was Chuck Barnes Jr.

Dallas Sport Goodyear had the highest turnout of any Racing event. This is partly because of the simple equipment and planes, but mostly due to the dedication and work of Bill Bischoff. He has been a tireless promoter of the event. He has published articles and made airplanes and accessories for a vast number of competitors.

There were a lot of newcomers, and there was a good turnout by some Speed fliers that made the competition much more fun. The preferred engine was the ASP/Magnum 15XLS. A few SH engines also were raced.

This year, the event was sponsored by Bob Heywood. The Concours award was sponsored by T.J.Viera, and won by Bill Bischoff’s Cassutt Boo Ray. There were many beautiful airplanes, so it was hard to pick one! It was nice to see some new planes like the Pitts Special and Argander Special, built by Bill Hughes. They are old Chicago-area favorites.

Seventeen entries were divided into five heat races of 80 laps and one pit. Top times of all were tabulated and divided into 3: 60 lap final races; gold, silver, bronze. The Bronze race was rerun due to a line entanglement and a timing issue. Winners of all races and scores are with this article.

Bill Bischoff, Bill Hughes, and Chuck Barnes during Sport GY preliminaries.

Bill Hughes, Jeff Gitchel, and Chuck Barnes in Sport GY preliminaries.

Bronze Sport GY winners.

David Betz' and Mike Greb's TQRs.

Patrick Hempel and Chuck Barnes in the TQR Race.

Silver race Sport GY winners.

The Sport GY beauty contest was won by Bill Bischoff's Cassutt Boo Ray.

Sport GY group.

The Sport GY pits.

Sport GY gold race winners.

TQ winners.



Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:01pm Rick Wallace (not verified)


Mon, 04/11/2022 - 1:58pm Ty Marcucci (not verified)

I see a club member came in4Th. Pretty good fro a guy with very little practice before the NATS. Way to go Richard K.

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