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June 17, 2021: RC Scale Aerobatics

By Rich Whitlow

This first day of competition turned out to be a beautiful day to be flying! The winds were light, the temperature was moderate, and the sun was shining. There was no complaining about the weather on Wednesday, June 16!

The day started with a short pilots’ meeting. Everyone was informed, prepared, and ready to go.

The first round was a Known Round and was flown to perfection. David Moser was our first pilot in the air, and he mentioned that he wouldn’t have had it any other way!

June 16, 2021: RC Scale Aerobatics

By Rich Whitlow

Welcome to the 2021 Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatic Championships!

Tuesday, June 15, was a beautiful practice day that allowed a good number of pilots to acclimate themselves to the flying site. An extra bonus was the chance to fly in some interesting wind and for pilots to get their wind-corrections perfected.

The AMA Flying Site, and specifically Site 3, is in excellent shape and is a beautiful place to fly.

2020 Outdoor Nats to Proceed as Scheduled

After careful deliberation, the AMA Executive Council has agreed to not cancel the 2020 Outdoor Nats. This decision is aligned with state and federal guidelines for events concerning COVID-19.

The 2020 AMA Nats will take place to the extent that individual Nats organizers plan and conduct their respective events. Additional safety measures will be in place to protect our members, staff, and community. Nats participants and visitors to the International Aeromdeling Center will have limited access to AMA facilities and should anticipate a scaled-back Nats experience.

July 11, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
Wednesday started with a bit of an edge in the air. It was final day, and everyone had to complete two Unknown and two Known single sequences. The results would be 20% of their score.

The day started well. There were clouds but flying could be done. Then there came a brief rain shower. We had a competitor’s aircraft in the air, but he was able to land safely.

After the shower was complete, all of the rounds were flown without incident.

July 10, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
We had another beautiful day in Muncie, Indiana at the IMAC Nats! The morning started off cool and the day warmed up nicely. The sky was a pretty blue and everyone was able to fly just as high as they liked, with no threat of climbing into the clouds.

We were able to complete the Unknown Round and two Knowns, before flying stopped for the afternoon.

The races remain close and there is a final round to fly tomorrow with two Unknowns and two Knowns to fly.

July 8, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
Everyone converged on the AMA’s national flying site in Muncie, Indiana, on Saturday after the July Fourth holiday. There was plenty of practice flying and preparation. Everyone was putting last-minute touches on his or her flights before the start of competition on Sunday.

This year we are excited to have Dee Force Aviation as a major sponsor of the IMAC Nationals. We truly appreciate the company supporting all of these outstanding pilots!