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June 16, 2021: RC Scale Aerobatics

By Rich Whitlow

Welcome to the 2021 Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatic Championships!

Tuesday, June 15, was a beautiful practice day that allowed a good number of pilots to acclimate themselves to the flying site. An extra bonus was the chance to fly in some interesting wind and for pilots to get their wind-corrections perfected.

The AMA Flying Site, and specifically Site 3, is in excellent shape and is a beautiful place to fly.

Late in the afternoon, the pilots meeting was held. Doug Pilcher introduced the Nats Team and welcomed everyone to the event. The pilot order was set and a review of the details of the pilot line process was done, so that everyone was prepared. Then a judging refresher was held, and some discussion and questions kept the material interesting.

Finally, a pilot order was set, and the first Unknowns were distributed.

Everyone is ready and we will have wheels up in the morning at 8 a.m.

Let the 2021 Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatic Championships begin!

The pilots' meeting was held in the AMA Headquarters building.

The pilots' meeting.



Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:09pm Dwayne Brown (not verified)

Names please?? Dwayne

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