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August 19, 2021: RC Soaring

Day 1 of LSF Cross Country and F3H Racing

By Wally Adasczik

The day started off at a new location, the Parker City Municipal Park, in Parker City, Indiana. In years past, the Cross Country crew usually used the Monroe Central school grounds, in Parker City. School starts early here in Indiana, and the school grounds were not open for public use.

The cast of suspects took an early truck ride to scope out the course. It had its usual spots of overhanging trees, but looked halfway decent. Back to the starting locale for model buildup.

Getting ready to go flying.

First on the course was Mr. Kent Nogy flying an Explorer. Upon reached a modicum of height out on the course, we went. The lift looked promising early in the morning, but eventually turned into a fairly large sinkhole that was not easy to get through. He eventually landed just 2.2 miles down the road.

Kent gets ready to launch with the assistance of John Marien.

John and Kent out sniffing the air.

Next up was John Marien flying a MAXA. John was easily the highest when he left the city park, but he too hit the dreaded sinkhole and only managed 1.2 miles.

Lastly to try his skills at flying was Mr. Carl Thuessen. Carl was chasing his 10k using an eSupra! He took many flights around the park but never quite got enough altitude to leave.

Carl out searching for an allusive thermal.

That’s it for Day 1 of XC. More to follow.



Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:15pm Thomas Merz (not verified)

Looks likes a great time, but the FAA 400 ft. limit is the other "cloud" hanging over this type of event. 400ft. for soaring!? You're still just getting started, searching for lift and climb-out at that altitude. I guess it's better than nothing, but how exciting can this particular sport be with a lid on the sky at that height?

Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:16pm Docent Dan (not verified)

Did they exceed an altitude of 400 feet?

Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:15pm bruce wilson (not verified)

Judging from the cloud cover seen in your pictures, I am not surprised at not much lift. However--in the distance looks possible--just to get there ! How has AMA done with FAA rules and thermal/distance contests ?

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