NatsNews August 3, 2017

The final top three in all but one class of the 2017 RC Helicopter Nats received their plaques on Wednesday. A longtime Nats CD was also honored.

NatsNews August 2, 2017

The battle for the top three in each category of the 2017 RC Helicopter Nats wages on. In AMA Classes 1 and 2, less than 40 points separate first and second places.

NatsNews August 1, 2017

Day one of the 2017 RC Helicopter Nats is in the books, and the first leaders are emerging. A total of 78 competition flights were completed Monday and there are more to come today.

NatsNews July 31, 2017

Today is the first day of flying for the 2017 RC Helicopter Nats. The static judging of the Scale helis took place this morning, with flying beginning this afternoon. The RC Helicopter Nats continue through Thursday.

NatsNews July 30, 2017

Although the skies were clear, thermal conditions made finishing the ALES Soaring competition difficult. In addition to a closing report for Soaring, learn how Masters and FAI competitors finished in RC Pattern.

NatsNews July 29, 2017

Although there were fewer pilots than on the previous four days of the Outdoor FF Nats, the competition wasn't over! Some young pilots gave veterans a run for their money. Reports about ALES Soaring and RC Precision Aerobatics are also in today's issue.

NatsNews July 28, 2017

Squalls stall Nats flying
Although the weather in Blytheville, Arkansas, was perfect for competing in the RC Precision Aerobatics (Pattern) Nats, the opposite was true in Muncie, Indiana. Today is the first day of F3J and ALES soaring events.

NatsNews July 27, 2017

Having fun at the 2017 Nats
Although the purpose of the Outdoor FF, RC Aerobatics (Pattern), and Soaring Nats is to compete, many pilots have fun and make friends along the way. See scores from all three events in today's NatsNews.

NatsNews July 26, 2017

Rising is harder than it looks
Those competing in the 2017 Outdoor FF Nats discovered Tuesday that rising off of anything—whether it be water or ground—is harder than expected. The Soaring NOS and RES events also concluded. We also have coverage from the RC Pattern Aerobatic Nats taking place in Blytheville, Arkansas.

NatsNews July 25, 2017

Several contests were held and the winners were declared on the first day of the 2017 Outdoor FF Nats. Avoiding pools of water left from a thunderstorm became a contest of its own.