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June 21, 2021: RC Scale Ends

By Rachelle Haughn

Saturday, June 19, was the final day of the RC Scale Nats. Flying was canceled because of weather and the awards were handed out at the Claude McCullough Education Facility.


Jack Buckley's Fairchild 24 took first place in Designer Scale, first in F4H, got the High Static award, and won Pilots' Choice for Best Civilian aircraft.

Tim Dickey's Fairchild PT-23 won Pilots' Choice Best Military aircraft and took fourth place in Expert class.

The youngest competitor, Kaleb Spencer, took third place in Fun Novice.

John Borton's Pietenpol won second place in Designer Scale.

Joe Vermillion received the Bob Lirette award, third place in Open Scale, and fourth place in Fun Scale.

Greg Alderman's Yak 130 took second place in Fun Expert and his GhostWriter Chipmunk took fifth in Open Scale Advanced.

Dan Landis took home first place in Fun Expert for his P-47.

Al Kretz won fourth place in Open Advanced and third in the Expert class.

Jeremy Arvin won first place in Open Scale Advanced and Expert Sport Scale.

Brian Taylor took third place in Sportsman Scale.

Dan Landis and Tamas Seres won Team Scale.

Mike Barbee and Will Berninger took second in Team Scale. Will also placed third in Fun Expert.

Mike Barbee placed second in the Expert class.





Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:07pm Tom Poole (not verified)

Hi Guys, thanks for all the pictures and the coverage of the Scale NATS...........I enjoyed it. Some of the competitors I know and some I don't. Thank you all for your efforts. Tom

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