Indoor Free Flight Society
06/19/2023 to 06/23/2023

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Event held at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow, ID

Nats News

August 2, 2021: Indoor Free Flight FAC Results

By Mike Welshans, FAC vice president

The NFFS/AMA Indoor National Championships was held in Pontiac, Michigan, July 20– 23. The event was well attended with more than 50 contestants entered. The event was run by Bill Shailor from Royal Oak, Michigan, with Mike Welshans handling the FAC entries. FAC results by day and event follow.

Tuesday Only

FAC Simple Scale – 5 entered

1st – Jonathan Nunez - 335

2nd – George Bredehoft - 327

3rd – Glen Campbell - 224

July 28, 2021: Indoor Free Flight

Event recap by Rob Romash

It has been a long haul, well nearly as I have a long drive home.

Thinking back, we used to do this thing nearly twice as long, not including travel. And we also had four times the competitors. Maybe there are fewer pilots, but the ones who are left, or could come, are no less talented.

July 23, 2021: Indoor Free Flight

By Rob Romash

Nats Eve and a new day

As we filter through another full day, we realize it's half over?!?! Nearly.

Last time I showed some “focus” launch poses. What if your model doesn’t just go hypersonic and then either explodes or glides for about a minute? What if you had much more time?

Here are some favorite lounge poses. The most popular is the “laid back.” It's crazy how a firm, flat back feels after two days of being up, standing, and craning your neck up. Kudos to the artificial green stuff guys.