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July 11, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
Wednesday started with a bit of an edge in the air. It was final day, and everyone had to complete two Unknown and two Known single sequences. The results would be 20% of their score.

The day started well. There were clouds but flying could be done. Then there came a brief rain shower. We had a competitor’s aircraft in the air, but he was able to land safely.

After the shower was complete, all of the rounds were flown without incident.

July 10, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
We had another beautiful day in Muncie, Indiana at the IMAC Nats! The morning started off cool and the day warmed up nicely. The sky was a pretty blue and everyone was able to fly just as high as they liked, with no threat of climbing into the clouds.

We were able to complete the Unknown Round and two Knowns, before flying stopped for the afternoon.

The races remain close and there is a final round to fly tomorrow with two Unknowns and two Knowns to fly.

July 8, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
Everyone converged on the AMA’s national flying site in Muncie, Indiana, on Saturday after the July Fourth holiday. There was plenty of practice flying and preparation. Everyone was putting last-minute touches on his or her flights before the start of competition on Sunday.

This year we are excited to have Dee Force Aviation as a major sponsor of the IMAC Nationals. We truly appreciate the company supporting all of these outstanding pilots!

June 3, 2019: Indoor Free Flight

By Rob Romash (rob@eclipsetoys.com)

Lead photo: The P-18 Mass Launch.

Sunday is the last day of the meet. The morning events were both well attended and hard fought. One event is P-18. With more than 15 people flying Open, and at least six in Junior, the air was filled with colorful models. Most of the junior P-18s were built on site during several educational build sessions John McGrath oversaw.