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July 24, 2019: RC Precision Aerobatics (Pattern)

By Rachelle Haughn (rachelleh@modelaircraft.org)

Saturday, July 20, was the last day of the RC Aerobatics Nats, held in Blytheville, Arkansas. The final rounds of the Masters, FAI, Intermediate, and Advanced classes were flown that day at the Arkansas Aeroplex.

The RC Aerobatics Nats, also known as the National Society of Radio Controlled Aerobatics (NSRCA) Nats, has alternated between being held in Blytheville and taking place at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana, the last few years, in an effort to attract new competitors. Monte Richard served as the event director this year.

This year, a total of 11 pilots were registered to compete in Intermediate, 14 in Advanced, 24 in Masters, and 13 in F3A, for a grand total of 62 contestants. Throughout the contest, the pilots and judges enjoyed a variety of Cajun cuisine, plus some full-scale aircraft flyovers and a foam-cutting seminar.

After four days of competition, this year’s contest ended with an awards banquet at the Holiday Inn Express, in Blytheville. The following are the results of the 2019 RC Aerobatics Nats:

Intermediate: Jon Dieringer, first; Todd Nolte, second; and Justin Wells, third.
Advanced: John Wolfe, first; Timothy Pritchett, second; and David Hayes, third.
Masters: David Snow, first; Forrest Pilkenton, second; and Jonathan Mowrey, third.
F3A: Albert Glenn, first; Peter Collinson, second; and Greyson Pritchett, third.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Allure lineup on the intermediate line. Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.

Mike Mueller and Jerry Budd relax on the Masters line at Site 2. Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.

Jeff Worsham, Derek Emmett, and Dave Lockhart judge Cliff Bradford’s flight. Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.

Cliff settles his Angel’s Shadow for a landing. Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.

Cliff Bradford concentrates, assisted by his caller/wife (AKA “unicorn”!). Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.

Mr. Perfect. Gary Switala has no ego issues. Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.

Photo from the NSRCA Facebook page.


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