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CL Combat

July 12, 2020: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

Nats F2D Combat took off to a great start Saturday morning, July 11. Unfortunately, only 14 flyers could make it, but the small field made up for it with lots of action. One could say the cream of the crop. Just about every flyer was meticulously prepared and there were few holdups other than pit crews, pilots, and judges playing Ring Around the Rosie.

2020 Outdoor Nats to Proceed as Scheduled

After careful deliberation, the AMA Executive Council has agreed to not cancel the 2020 Outdoor Nats. This decision is aligned with state and federal guidelines for events concerning COVID-19.

The 2020 AMA Nats will take place to the extent that individual Nats organizers plan and conduct their respective events. Additional safety measures will be in place to protect our members, staff, and community. Nats participants and visitors to the International Aeromdeling Center will have limited access to AMA facilities and should anticipate a scaled-back Nats experience.

July 20, 2019: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

1/2A Combat is a bit like swatting mosquitoes. The planes are small (proportional to Fast Combat aircraft), have very tight turning, and are difficult to see. It’s hard on spectators, buts great fun for the pilots. The planes are scaled down and look like Fast Combat aircraft to the pilots. They just pull a lot less—a couple of pounds instead of 12 to 15 or more. The aircraft are cheaper too.

July 19, 2019: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

Speed Limit Combat keeps the speed below 75 mph. A total of 21 fliers turned out, including some who generally don't travel extensively except for the Nats. This year brought out a more-limited range of engines. The list included Fora 15, LA and FP, Fox 36, Nelson, LA 40, and probably one that I missed.

July 18, 2019: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

F2D Fast is a favorite with some F2 fliers. Any F2D plane from 2010 to present is allowed. They all have the same technical specs. The rules are AMA Fast Combat rules otherwise.

The bugs have been worked out. The planes fly the same as F2D. The shorter line length makes up for the slower speeds. Flying seems just as fast as AMA combat, but the line pull is a lot less. The planes have to be trimmed a little better because they don’t pull 15 or more pounds.