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June 23, 2021: Control Line Combat

By Mike Stinson

Tuesday, the Control Line Combat at the Nats 2021 finished four days of F2D Combat.  Since the Team Trials were canceled late in planning, Saturday and Sunday became kind of the ”Non-Team Trials.” Contestants came from all over the US, Mexico, Russia, and the Ukraine.   

Monday and Tuesday were the Official AMA F2D Combat event.  There were 25 contestants, including two Junior/Senior, Austin Minor and Alex Dementiev. There was some really great flying, despite the heavy wind on Monday, which reached 23 mph. 

In the end, Andy Minor won out.  His son Austin won the Junior/Senior level.       

Andrey Nadein, Dave Fischer, Greg Wornell, Andy Minor, and Austin Minor.

Two Models launched simultaneously in the final match.



Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:01pm Dave Hilton (not verified)

Thank you for posting posting photos and CL contest results.

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