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Radio Control Helicopter

American Radio Control Competition Helicopter Society
08/04/2024 to 08/07/2024
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RC helicopters use a powerplant to turn a gear train, driving the main rotor system and tail rotors.  They are capable of maneuvers that full-scale helicopter pilots only dream about.  Each class has an established set of maneuvers that pilots must accomplish, and judges grade each maneuver.  Class I includes primarily hovering-type maneuvers; Class II adds some forward flight, including a loop and stall turn; Class III adds even more aerobatic maneuvers and includes a power-off autorotation landing; and F3C adds a number of aerobatic maneuvers to test pilots and machines. The flight ends in a power-off autorotation landing that must be on a small spot for maximum points. (Not many miss it.) Helicopters also have a Scale competition.

Nats News

July 23, 2019: RC Helicopter

By Mike Unger (mike97unger@yahoo.com)

Day 2 of the RC Helicopter Nats finished without any issues … well I guess I can’t say that. The weather made things fun.

After a heat index approaching 100° on Sunday, pilots were greeted in the morning with 60° temperatures and scattered showers on Monday. Sam Corlett, the guy from Texas who was commenting that the hot weather on Sunday was comfortable, wore insulated coveralls all day Monday. Like they say, if you don’t like the weather in Muncie, just wait, it will change.