International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association
07/28/2023 to 07/31/2023
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RC helicopters use a powerplant to turn a gear train, driving the main rotor system and tail rotors.  They are capable of maneuvers that full-scale helicopter pilots only dream about.  Each class has an established set of maneuvers that pilots must accomplish, and judges grade each maneuver.  Class I includes primarily hovering-type maneuvers; Class II adds some forward flight, including a loop and stall turn; Class III adds even more aerobatic maneuvers and includes a power-off autorotation landing; and F3C adds a number of aerobatic maneuvers to test pilots and machines. The flight ends in a power-off autorotation landing that must be on a small spot for maximum points. (Not many miss it.) Helicopters also have a Scale competition.

Nats News

August 4, 2020: RC Helicopter

By Mike Unger

Well its finally that time of the year again: the 2020 Helicopter Nats! If you are like me, given everything that is going on in the world, I never expected to be writing about Nats this year, but here we are …