07/10/2023 to 07/14/2023

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Wild and exciting action in Combat makes it a favorite event for spectators. Two highly maneuverable aircraft, each towing a streamer, attempt to cut each other’s streamers or string leaders. Scoring is by cuts and airtime within the five-minute match period. Scoring a cut on the streamer is worth 100 points. Each aircraft also scores one point for each second it is airborne during the match.  In some events, cutting the string leader constitutes a “kill,” ending the match.  1/2A Combat uses tiny .049 engines and 35-foot lines.  There are no restrictions on aircraft design, and kills end the match.  Slow Combat uses large aircraft and .36 engines, restricted to suction fuel feed. Don’t let the name fool you; matches can be exciting, with speeds of up to 100 mph. There is no kill.  AMA Combat, also known as “Fast Combat,” is the top-gun Combat event, and the flying is among the most exciting and demanding in all of model aviation.  Engines of up to .36 size turn more than 20,000 rpm and haul the highly maneuverable aircraft at up to 125 mph. Kills end the match.  FAI Combat is the international class.  Competitors are allowed two .15-size powered aircraft per match.  There is no kill.

Nats News

June 23, 2021: Control Line Combat

By Mike Stinson

Tuesday, the Control Line Combat at the Nats 2021 finished four days of F2D Combat.  Since the Team Trials were canceled late in planning, Saturday and Sunday became kind of the ”Non-Team Trials.” Contestants came from all over the US, Mexico, Russia, and the Ukraine.   

Monday and Tuesday were the Official AMA F2D Combat event.  There were 25 contestants, including two Junior/Senior, Austin Minor and Alex Dementiev. There was some really great flying, despite the heavy wind on Monday, which reached 23 mph. 

June 22, 2021: Control Line Combat

By Rachelle Haughn

Control Line Combat began Sunday, June 20. There are approximately 30 contestants this year. Here are some photos from the action on Monday.

June 19, 2021: RC Scale

By Rachelle Haughn

Strong wind gusts prevented flying on Friday. After testing the air, the RC Scale Nats were called for the day. Friday evening was the National Association of Scale Aeromodelers banquet and two pilots were inducted into the RC Scale Hall of Fame.

2020 Outdoor Nats in Photos

The 2020 Outdoor Nats took place July 12-August 5 at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana. Although the pandemic made for an interesting and complicated year, several events still took place safely, allowing competitors and AMA members to continue to enjoy our hobby.

We have created a photo gallery for this year's event. Please feel free to like, share, download, and print a few!

July 16, 2020: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

The 1/2A folks had a good time with 15 entries. Along with the usual old timers, some 5 or 6 relative newcomers showed up. They were all “friends of the family” so to speak, being family or friends of the fliers.

1/2A uses much smaller airplanes, and 0.049 motors—maybe a teaspoon and a half of cylinder volume. The motors are very potent though with modern Schneurle transfer ports and double ball bearings. Most common are the Cyclone and Fora engines and the models are dizzyingly fast due to the shorter, 42-foot lines.