Indoor Free Flight Society
06/19/2023 to 06/23/2023

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Event held at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow, ID

Nats News

June 3, 2019: Indoor Free Flight

By Rob Romash (
Lead photo: The P-18 Mass Launch.
Sunday is the last day of the meet. The morning events were both well attended and hard fought. One event is P-18. With more than 15 people flying Open, and at least six in Junior, the air was filled with colorful models. Most of the junior P-18s were built on site during several educational build sessions John McGrath oversaw.

June 1, 2019: Indoor Free Flight

By Rob Romash (
Lead photo: F1D and F1L sharing airspace. Both of these models are not just used in AMA events, but also international FAI events. F1D is considered the “Formula One” of Indoor, and those who take up the insane challenge are truly focused. The only real reason to fly F1D is to get on the US team and win the world championships.