Photos by Rob Romash.

Josh Finn's AMA Cabin.Cabin climbing out.Steven Wrigley's Manhattan flown in AMA Cabin.Josh Finn's F1R.Hope Finn's Manhattan flown in AMA Cabin.Larry Louka's beautiful microfilm Cabin grounded with technical problems.Rob Romash and Guha Ekambaram with Pennyplanes.Caleb Finn looking through Daddy's box.Steven Wrigley digging out some new secret weapon from his box.Caleb Finn with his high flying EZB.A ghostly EZB floating in the building just after a huge rainstorm pushed through. Even though we had 30 mph gusts outside and horizontal rain, the weather in the core was perfect. Okay to go!

Photos by Steven Wrigley.

The following photos are of EZB/F1L, F1D, and Cabin Model aircraft.

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