August 3, 2021: RC Helicopter

By Mike Unger

Day 2 of the Heli Nats was one of the best days weather wise we have had in years at the Nats.  Temps in the mid-70s, low humidity, nearly clear skies, and low wind. 

We started at 8:02 a.m. with the first flight of the Sportsman class and ended about 6:15 p.m. with the fourth round of the F3C class. 

Day 2 also brought in the Scale helicopters, with one round of static judging and two rounds of flights. The Scale pilots put on quite a show with some very impressive craftmanship and impressive flying.

August 2, 2021: Indoor Free Flight FAC Results

By Mike Welshans, FAC vice president

The NFFS/AMA Indoor National Championships was held in Pontiac, Michigan, July 20– 23. The event was well attended with more than 50 contestants entered. The event was run by Bill Shailor from Royal Oak, Michigan, with Mike Welshans handling the FAC entries. FAC results by day and event follow.

Tuesday Only

FAC Simple Scale – 5 entered

1st – Jonathan Nunez - 335

2nd – George Bredehoft - 327

3rd – Glen Campbell - 224

August 2, 2021: RC Helicopter

By Mike Unger

Well, it's the beginning of August and that means it's Heli Nats time again. 

With COVID turning everything upside down last year, it is nice to have a more normal Nats competition this year. 

July 30, 2021: Outdoor Free Flight

Wrap-up report by Rick Pangell

Rain, rain, go away, and stay away ...

Leaving the motel in Muncie Thursday morning, the rain was coming down hard. As we got closer to the field, the clouds were high and there was no rain. It had passed over. 

July 29, 2021: Outdoor Free Flight

By Rick Pangell

Okay, describe this day …  hot and humid with some great thermals and a lot of flying. Flight after flight by the Free Flight fliers. The FAI crew had to fly rounds.

Comments were made by some FAI pilots that they were getting frustrated by the round system as it kept them from flying other AMA and NFFS events. This wasn’t a negative comment about the FAI, but more like they wished they could take advantage of the wonderful flying weather and fly more events.

July 28, 2021: Outdoor Free Flight

By Rick Pangell

Okay … second-guess the wind and move the NFFS trailer, but as all good Free Flighters know, the wind never shifts.  Ultimately, the trailer came back to home but different locations sprung up according to the best places to fly an event.  The weather was hot, but absolutely gorgeous for Free Flight.

July 28, 2021: Indoor Free Flight

Event recap by Rob Romash

It has been a long haul, well nearly as I have a long drive home.

Thinking back, we used to do this thing nearly twice as long, not including travel. And we also had four times the competitors. Maybe there are fewer pilots, but the ones who are left, or could come, are no less talented.

July 27, 2021: Outdoor Free Flight

By Rick Pangell

Mulvihill … Mulvihill flew all three age groups of Adult, Senior, and Junior for a wonderful showing.  Junior Caleb Finn flew for 439 for first with Skilly DeLoach, Beckham Reuter, and Wes Reuter following suit.  Senior Hailey Mattson topped William Reuter for first.

July 26, 2021: Outdoor Free Flight

By Rick Pangell

Being the first Outdoor Free Flight Nats in two years, there was a wonderful anticipation in the air.  Being there on Saturday, July 24, bode ominous for the prospect.  Saturday was our practice day but we could not have any open flying until 1 p.m., and eventually 2 p.m.  Plus, it was windy.

Attending the planning meeting on that Saturday, our CD, Ed Carroll, went down the open item list and all the blanks were filled. We were ready to go.

July 25, 2021: RC Aerobatics Concludes

By Jim Quinn

Our fourth and final day of RC Precision Aerobatics always starts with a special and newly fresh atmosphere. The 2021 Nats was no exception, but the SPECIAL had a whole new meaning this year.

Kevin Young, a regular at our Nats and World Championship competition, made this year extra special. Yes, Kevin is special, but … Kevin was joined this year by his wife, Sarah, and their beautiful daughter Allee. Thank you Sarah and Kevin for this extra special start to Day 4.