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Control Line Speed

North American Speed Society
08/04/2024 to 08/09/2024

For detailed information see the IAC Calendar.

The object of this event is simply to fly a prescribed distance at the fastest possible speed.  This is a horsepower and technology event.  The aircraft are small and aerodynamically sophisticated, with specially prepared engines turning very high rpm.  Some have no landing gear, rising out of wheeled “dollies.”  Some are flown on single wires controlled by a torque system, meaning the aircraft’s control surfaces are operated by twisting a wire.  There are several classes that correspond with engine sizes.  Unless noted, there are no restrictions on design; fuel is restricted for most classes.  These high-performance models take a minimalist approach to aerodynamics and are finely tuned pieces of equipment.  Most of the classes involve the use of internal-combustion engines ranging in size from .049 to .60 cubic inch.  Pulse jet engines are used in the advanced classes and have the ability to reach speeds nearing 200 mph