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Nats News

NatsNews July 29, 2017

Although there were fewer pilots than on the previous four days of the Outdoor FF Nats, the competition wasn't over! Some young pilots gave veterans a run for their money. Reports about ALES Soaring and RC Precision Aerobatics are also in today's issue.

NatsNews July 28, 2017

Squalls stall Nats flying
Although the weather in Blytheville, Arkansas, was perfect for competing in the RC Precision Aerobatics (Pattern) Nats, the opposite was true in Muncie, Indiana. Today is the first day of F3J and ALES soaring events.

NatsNews July 26, 2017

Rising is harder than it looks
Those competing in the 2017 Outdoor FF Nats discovered Tuesday that rising off of anything—whether it be water or ground—is harder than expected. The Soaring NOS and RES events also concluded. We also have coverage from the RC Pattern Aerobatic Nats taking place in Blytheville, Arkansas.

NatsNews July 20, 2017

Another hot day at the Nats
The heat was on, in more ways than one! The high humidity and temperature began to physically affect judges and contestants alike on Wednesday, but that didn't stop some pilots from putting in fantastic flights. Read more in this issue of NatsNews!