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Outdoor Nats decision to be made June 10, 2020

Dear members,

As you might be aware, AMA and the National Free Flight Society made the difficult decision to cancel May’s Indoor Nats because of COVID-19. Many members are wondering if the Outdoor Nats will be canceled as well. AMA continues to plan and prepare for the Outdoor Nats in July and August, including discussions about extra sanitation. We’ll share any changes or announcements as soon as they are made. June 10 is the final “go,” “no go” date.

While AMA anticipates being open and ready to host the Nats, we understand that each event and Special Interest Group (SIG) is unique with different risks and challenges. Some SIGs are considering reducing the number of events or participants in their portion of the Nats this year.

Please contact your Nats CD or SIG if you have questions or concerns about your event. AMA will also be available to field questions as well using the contacts below.

Thank you and stay safe!

Yolanda Jones, yolandaj@modelaircraft.org 765.287.1256 x261

Joyce Hager, jhager@modelaircraft.org 765.287.1256 x201



Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:15pm Dick Bertrand (not verified)

Thanks for the update. Dick Bertrand Free Flight Rescue Program

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