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June 23, 2021: Control Line Navy Carrier

By Melvin Schuette

In 2020, attendance was down in the CL Navy Carrier events due to COVID-19. Some of those who didn’t attend last year came this year, but are numbers were still down from where they have been in the recent past. This meant that the contestants not only had to help each other, they were called upon to help with some of the official duties. 

Mike Hazel from Oregon stopped by to watch the Carrier events only to be talked into spending the day timing. However, Tara DeGraff from Indiana volunteered to work for me after I had volunteered to be the event director. Without people like these and contestants willing to help, we would not be able to run our events.

Normally the wind plays a major factor in people not getting in their flights, but this year the biggest problems were mechanical problems.

The only way you can get a score in the Navy Carrier events is to put in an official flight. In order for a flight to be considered official, someone has to signal the judges as you cross the stern of the deck at the start of your low speed. Most of the problems occurred while the people were transitioning from the high-speed portion of the flight and the low-speed portion of the flight. Two planes were damaged. One was able to be repaired on the field, while the other was destroyed.

We had two classes of Carrier flown on Tuesday, both using profile airplanes. One class uses internal combustion glow engines and the other requires the use of electric power.

Unlike Scale events in Navy Carrier, either you get scale points or you don’t .

The results for Open Glow Profile Carrier were.

Contestant         High Speed           Low Speed         Landing           Scale points      Total Score

Burt Brokaw        98.59 mph             5.86 mph               100 points       10 points           376.6

Sportsman Glow Profile Carrier

Contestant         High Speed           Low Speed          Landing          Scale points      Total Score

Bob Heywood    67.7 mph                  32.8 mph               0 points          .010 points           98.8

Electric Profile Carrier

Contestant        High Speed            Low Speed            Landing         Scale points  Total Score

Pete Mazur          104.3 mph                7.8 mph                   100 points      10 points             347.8

Mike Anderson   85.6 mph               24.7 mph                  0 points           10 points             178.4  

On Wednesday, there will be four classes of Carrier—two internal combustion classes and two electric classes.

Burt Brokaw filling out processing paperwork.

Dick Perry calculating scores.

Event Director Melvin Schuette watching for infractions during Burt Brokaw low-speed flight.

How New Mexico resident Dick Perry and Arizona resident Burt Brokaw dress for a cool Muncie morning.

Pete Mazur inspecting the damage.


Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:01pm Robert J Caso (not verified)

I am old enough to remember when the CL carrier plane models resembled carrier aircraft that had actually existed. I wish the rules would be adjusted to require this feature as a flying wing with Navy markings doesn't do it for me.

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