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July 20, 2019: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

1/2A Combat is a bit like swatting mosquitoes. The planes are small (proportional to Fast Combat aircraft), have very tight turning, and are difficult to see. It’s hard on spectators, buts great fun for the pilots. The planes are scaled down and look like Fast Combat aircraft to the pilots. They just pull a lot less—a couple of pounds instead of 12 to 15 or more. The aircraft are cheaper too.

Eighteen fliers squared off for a double-elimination, first-round contest on July 19. A loss in the qualifying round puts a pilot into a catch-up round to get into the final, single-elimination match pyramid. Here’s some first-round action:

Mike Evans and Russ Willcox had a good match with plenty of action. With a lot of maneuvering, they got into a line tangle and Russ went down. After a quick pit by Chuck Rudner, they got into a midair collision, putting Mike’s aircraft on the ground. He got the match after losing the inboard wingtip. Ron Colombo and Ed Bryzs got Mike up first.

For a bit of a backstory, Mike Evans and Russ Willcox met in the first round, which Mike won. Russ won his match against Don Jensen in the flyoff bracket. They both won their next three matches to get into the first and second place flyoff. There was lots of good flying and it’s a rare comeback story in CL Combat.

Sam Londke and Pete Athans during Half A first round.

(L-R, back): Roy Glenn, judge; Russ Willcox, first; Dave Edwards, CD; (front) Sam Londke, Best Junior; Mike Willcox, second; Jeff Rein, third; and Neil Simpson, fourth.

Greg Machen and Chuck Rudner tussle in the first elimination round. Chuck went on to win.

Half A first match between Brian Stas and Jeff Rein.

Mike Evans and Russ Willcox flying a first round.


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