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July 19, 2019: CL Combat

By Phil Cartier

Speed Limit Combat keeps the speed below 75 mph. A total of 21 fliers turned out, including some who generally don't travel extensively except for the Nats. This year brought out a more-limited range of engines. The list included Fora 15, LA and FP, Fox 36, Nelson, LA 40, and probably one that I missed.

This year also brought a new rule for enforcing the speed limit. Instead of a speed without a streamer, it specifies a speed with the streamer: not less than 7.3 seconds. There are also guidelines for some procedures for timing, and how to determine whether or not to disqualify a pilot in a match.

The weather wasn’t perfect. The temperature pretty quickly went into the 90s and humid to boot. But this time, the rain missed Combat, mostly. There was one brief shower and some lightning and thunder that delayed flying for half an hour or so. Plenty of water was on hand so nobody had any reason to get dehydrated.

There was lots of furious flying, but the speeds were not quite as fast. The number of midairs just made quieter bangs. A number of matches went “all the way” without a midair but still had close flying. There were not as many spectators as other contests, but those watching got a good, close look at the action.

Many thanks to the judges who put in a lot of effort: Roy Glenn, Chris Gay, Pete Athens, and Dave Edwards and Buddy.

Mike Evans watches Craig Campbell launch EdBryz's airplane.

Bob Mears and Ed Bryz.

Bob Mears runs into an Earthquake flown by Ed Bryz late in the contest.

Ed Bryz's Earthquake heads for the ground after a collision with Bob Mears.

Buddy, Pete Athan's dog, oversees all the judging.

Winners of Speed Limit Combat.


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