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July 14, 2019: CL Scale

By Fred Cronenwett (clscale7@gmail.com)

The weather for the first day of flying was about as perfect as we could ask for. The temperature picked up later in the afternoon, but everyone was done flying by 1:30 p.m. before it got any hotter. Allen Goff gave new meaning to the term Dawn Patrol when he was one of the first pilots up with his Neiuport 17 World War I fighter. The flying started at 7 a.m. in both circles.

There are two sets of judges, so each pilot would fly in the same circle, but the second set of judges would move from one circle to the other circle after the lunch break.

Allen Goff’s new four-stroke powered Neiuport 17 sounded great, which increases the realism score. WW I aircraft are a challenge to fly, balance, and trim, but Allen had this model working great considering these challenges.

The rules allow for seaplanes to be flown, but the question everyone asked is how do you deal with the fact that the full-scale floats did not have any wheels. The answer is you can add wheels like Grant Hiestand did to his Macchi 72 racer enabling it to land on the concrete surface. The wheels allow take off, touch-and-gos, and landing. The judges are not supposed to take the wheels into account when doing static judging.

Saturday evening we had the National Association of Scale Aeromodelers’ Banquet to present the high static awards and induct new people into the Control Line Scale Hall of Fame. Ralph Burnstine, along with Joe Coles (deceased), Ed Mason, Chuck Snyder, and Fred Cronenwett were inducted to the CL scale Hall of Fame. The RC Scale group started its hall of fame this year.

The special guest of the evening was Hazel Sig. She was inducted into the CL and RC Scale hall of fames. After she received her award, she told the whole group how she drove her Corvette at high speeds and other events including full-scale aircraft. The contributions that Sig Manufacturing has given to Scale modeling are extensive and were publicly recognized by awarding Hazel the CL and RC Scale hall of fame awards.

Keep your wings level and land softly.

CL Scale pilots meeting at 7 a.m. Saturday.

Based upon the early morning light you can tell this is Dawn Patrol at its finest.

Based upon the early morning light you can tell this is Dawn Patrol at its finest.

Allen Goff

Allen Goff flying his Nieuport 17 in the early morning hours.

Take off run for the Henshel 127.

Chuck Snyder’s Henshel 127 is getting ready to be released.

Chris Brownhill flying his Profile Scale North American Yale (fixed version of the AT-6 Texan).

Joe Gilbert flying Ed Mason’s B-17 in Fun Scale.

The pit area filled up some more before 8 a.m. and the temperature started to warm up.

The pit area at 7 a.m. while everyone setup to get in their first flights

The Henshel 127 has retracts, flaps, and a bomb drop.

Allen Goff’s Neiuport 17.

Dave Betz is getting the motor started on Christopher DeGroff’s 1/2A Scale Wildcat.

A take off run for Ed Mason’s DC-3.

The forward section of the DC-3 fuselage comes off to allow for the batteries to be installed and service the model.

Grant Hiestand’s Macchi 72 is not floating. The wheels in the floats are just high enough to allow the model to roll, take off, and land.

Pit row with the Nieuport 17 in line. The size difference can be seen here.

Allen Goff’s Neiuport 17.

Grant Hiestand’s Macchi 72 electric-powered Fun Scale model.

Grant Hiestand’s Macchi 72 electric-powered Fun Scale model.

Grant Hiestand’s Macchi 72 electric-powered Fun Scale model.

Allen Goff’s Neiuport 17.

Allen Goff’s Neiuport 17.

Fred Cronenwett flying his B-29 in Profile Scale (Grant Hiestand photo).

Burt Brokaw with his Fun Scale P-51 (Grant Hiestand photo).

Ralph Burnstine with this CL Scale Hall of Fame award.

Allen Goff and Mike Barbee congratulate Hazel Sig on her award.

Hazel Sig with her combined CL Scale and RC Scale Hall of Fame award.

The patch on the headrest of Hazel Sig’s wheelchair makes it very clear who she is.


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