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July 13, 2019: CL Scale

By Fred Cronenwett (clscale7@gmail.com)

The airplanes were unpacked with care and assembled with static propellers so that the judges could compare the models to the pictures of the full-scale aircraft that they were copied from. Points were added up to determine the static scores, but they won’t be revealed until the first flight is complete.

The excitement to find out your static score is the first thing you check out after your first flight. And then, as other scores are posted, you find out how the other models were scored to see how you are doing with your overall points compared to everything else. After the first flights are complete you may or may not change your game plan for the day. Hopefully everything on the model is working so that you can get a complete flight in.

There are four chances to fly for two official flights that count towards your official score. The weather always seems to play a factor regardless if that is wind, rain or other factors. There is always something that comes up that will have to be fixed. You will see tools coming out, flying lines being rolled out and engines/motors being test run before heading out to the circle for an official flight.

We have a variety of models—everything from civilian aircraft such as the slow Cub to heavy bombers and multi-engines. Ed Mason brought out his new electric powered DC-3 with flaps and he even uses 2.4GHz for the controls. Yes, you heard it right. Ed Mason is not flying a model with 3-line! Allen Goff has his new Nieuport 17 biplane in Sport Scale and Jeff Jensen has a new Piper Arrow for Profile Scale.

Christopher DeGroff has his new Brodak F4F Wildcat to fly in 1/2A scale. This is the young man who flew his Brodak P-51 the last two years in 1/2A scale. He is flying with his grandfather here at the Nats.

It will be exciting to see the static scores and find out who will win the top static awards that will be awarded tonight at the Banquet.

Keep your wings level and land softly.

Overall shot of Ed’s DC-3. The full scale is near his home in Florida.

Cockpit of Allen’s Nieuport 17.

Chuck Snyder’s Henschel. Look for this model in Authentic Scale in the west circle.

Christopher having his Wildcat static judged.

Ed Mason

More models getting registered and weighed.

Ed Mason’s DC-3 built from the Top Flite RC kit has electric power, flaps and 2.4GHz for the controls during static judging for Authentic Scale.

Christopher with his P-51 that he flew last year and the Wildcat that he is flying this year.

Registration included weighing the models and getting the information on the type of aircraft flown.

Christopher DeGroff’s Wildcat for 1/2A scale.

Grant Hiestand’s electric-powered Macchi racer for Fun Scale has wheels built into the floats to fly off the concrete.

Chris Brownhill’s Texan.

Allen Goff’s Nieuport 17.

Jeff Jensen’s Piper Arrow.

The nose section on Jeff Jensen’s Piper Arrow.



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