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July 12, 2019: CL Scale

By Fred Cronenwett (clscale7@gmail.com)

Welcome to the 2019 CL Scale Nationals. The one change that you will notice is that RC Scale is happening on the same days this year. The only time that the CL and RC Scale models will be together is during the static judging on Friday, July 12.

There will be a combined National Association of Scale Aeromodelers (NASA) banquet Saturday night, where the winning top static awards will be presented. There will also be new people inducted into the CL Scale Hall of Fame that evening.

I like the static judging because there is time to catch up with old friends and see what people have been working on. The pilots entering these models have spent many hours behind the workbench getting them ready. The closer that a model matches its documentation (three-view, color information, and photos of the full-scale aircraft), the better the static score will be. Except for Fun Scale, the static score is half of the total points used to determine who wins after all of the flying is done.

CL Scale has a wide variety of events being flown—from small models with 1/2A-size engines (.061 or smaller), to larger Sport Scale models. The 1/2A Scale models do not have throttle control, but all of the other events do. CL Scale also uses technology from all sorts of places, including ARFs that were originally designed for RC but have been converted to CL Scale. Also, 2.4 GHz RC is now widely used for throttle control, since the rules were changed in 2013. The traditional three-line throttle control systems are still being used.

The ages of the competitors also greatly vary, with the young and the old flying together.

There are eight entries in 1/2A Scale this year. The models can be full bodied or profiles. The engine size can’t any bigger than .061 cubic inches. There are also bonus points for multiengine models. Electric power is not allowed for 1/2A Scale.

Fun Scale is another event that is popular because people can fly older retired models, purchased models, or ARFs. With only 10 static points, this event really comes down to the flying score to win. The Builder of the Model rule does not apply in Fun Scale, so ARFs and models that you did not build can be entered in this event. All other events, including 1/2A Scale, require that the pilot also be the builder.

The static scores will vary from a perfect 10 all the way down to maybe 5 points. When you see these models fly, look for the best flights to see who is going to win this event.

The other events are Profile, Sport, Authentic, and Team Scale. Authentic Scale replaced the older Precision Scale. These models will be judged up close. All other events are judged from a distance. Authentic Scale is the only event where the cockpit is judged.

Come join us at the CL flying site (Site 6) to see these models get airborne. The flying will start early Saturday and Sunday morning. All of the pictures shown here were taken at the 2018 CL Scale Nationals.

All pictures were taken at the 2018 CL Scale Nats.

Models waiting to get judged for static points.

Frank Beaty was inducted into the CL Scale Hall of Fame in 2018. New people will be inducted on Saturday night.

Ed Mason’s C-124 Globemaster flying at the 2018 Nationals.

Ed Mason starting the engines on his C-124 Globemaster.

The pit area has all of the models lined up with the flying lines attached, waiting for their turn to fly.

Jeff Jensen’s Ercoupe flying. Come out to the CL circles on Saturday and Sunday to see this happen.

The static judges compare the information presented in a documentation book provided by a pilot and see how well the model matches that information.

A Fun Scale P-51 being judged for static points from 15 feet away. The judges can’t get any closer than this in Sport, Profile, or Team Scale.

The size difference between the 1/2A-powered models and the larger Sport Scale models can be clearly seen here.

Ed Mason’s Constellation and DC-6.



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