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June 24, 2021: RC Pylon Racing

By Gary Freeman Jr.

Pylon had two more rounds of qualifying on Wednesday, and as I previously mentioned, lots of things changed as far as who made it in. Dennis Cranfil came out with a mission and won both of his heats and made it in. The top 22 made it in, along with the wild cards, 23rd (Ray Brown) and fast time (AJ Hemken).

Sorry but I have to be a proud dad one more time and mention that Brody did an amazing job for his first 426 competition at a Nationals. He finished up with a personal best time of 1:17.

We started the finals at around 11 a.m., with light wind and overcast. As you can see from the matrix, this was a very tough finals as usual. In the finals, we do a racehorse start. This makes for some intense racing.

The finals were filled with midairs and crashes as usual. The competition was intense during almost every heat. In the end, Randy Bridge and Ray Brown earned a well-deserved win. Randy is no stranger to the podium, as this is his seventh Nats win. Congrats!

Loe Nordell took Best Junior with a smoking-fast time.

The workers are doing an outstanding job.


Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:00pm Guy Whitaker 276161 (not verified)

Comment concerns pylon racing. No captions on photos, most faces shadowed. Really not much point in trying to make anything of it. If this is the quality of Nats News, why bother to take the time to read it.

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