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June 18, 2021: RC Scale

Photos by Joe Vermillion

Thursday, June 17, was the first day of the RC Scale Nats. Static judging and flying took place.

James Gibboney’s TBM Avenger takes to the sky.Chuck Hamillton calls for James Gibboney.James Gibboney’s TBM Avenger on a "dirty" pass.Tim Dickey gets his PT-23 Ready to goSteve Eagle's 1/4 Scale  D.VII.Chuck Snyder’s P-47 on an inspection pass.Greg Alderman’s GhostWriter Chipmunk.Kaleb Spencer’s Carbon Z Cub.Dale Arvin’s Extra 33OL.Ronnie Coleman’s Zero.Charles Gray’s Tiger Moth.Art Pesch’s Tiger Moth.Dave Marenberg’s T-28 Trojan.James Gibboney’s Bonanza.Mike Barbee’s L-4.Greg Alderman’s Yak 130.

Jack Bucklee’s MinMax.Larry Dotsford’s L-4.Static judging starts.The first two models on the table for static judging.RC Scale Nats Co-Contest Director John Boyko.John Borton’s Pietenpol.Dave Marenberg and his Beaver.A busy day at the Nats.John Borton is first up for static judging.Will Berninger brings down the T-34.Gary Smith’s Sonex B.Here we go!Dale Arvin waits his turn.


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