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July 9, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
Monday started much nicer than Sunday! We had temperatures in the 60s and beautiful blue skies. The weather was perfect for flying!

Hoping to get in a full day, the pilots’ meeting started at 8:45 a.m. and we had a pilots’ picture for posterity!

Flying went smoothly, and all morning, rounds were completed. The day started with an Unknown, the second of the contest. Everyone had an opportunity to turn in the best scores possible and help his or her standings. Some of the races have some places that are getting very close, and all rounds count!

Because the food truck was unable to make it, a lunch break was taken, and every pilot was given time to go get some lunch and get ready for the final Known round of the day.

After lunch, the round was started. There were a couple of close calls, but in the end, no incidences to report. All planes seemed to be running well and all rounds were completed.

So, that concludes day two.

Looking forward to another great day of flying Tuesday.

See current scores here.


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