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July 28, 2021: Indoor Free Flight

Event recap by Rob Romash

It has been a long haul, well nearly as I have a long drive home.

Thinking back, we used to do this thing nearly twice as long, not including travel. And we also had four times the competitors. Maybe there are fewer pilots, but the ones who are left, or could come, are no less talented.

We can take my performance for example. My early years constituted “best personal times” never getting a first, or second, or third ... mmmm. Then OMG, first in Ministick at the Nats in Johnson City, Tennessee, and I pulled that off for two more years and got and still have the CAT 4 record to boot.

When I got mine, there were around 30 people in Ministick, much more in LPP, EZB, and all events had a good smattering of folks. If you won then you could actually brag if anyone listened. And at dinner, you made sure they listened because these are basically the pilots who will.

When I got back, my wife asked how the fishing trip was. I said I got second in A-6, she noted, “That’s nice dear, can you take the trash out?” Yes, Indoor is for the odd and misunderstood and the ones who are hell-bent on perfection.

Here, there was a different kind of competition that did attract the best. Of course, I dropped off a few places. This upper Midwest area seems to just breed great fliers like the New York area. Sure, there are good fliers all over, but certainly pockets of better and best, and flying site access is key and the motivation to go find them.

Last year, in Arizona, we had slightly larger attendance. I think for me, I tend to corrupt that region, being hard to beat, and won Grand Champ.

Here, I didn’t bother to try when guys like Tom Yacco, Larry Loucka, Tom Sova, John Kagan, super scale guys, heck even John Whittles, showed up.

George looking slightly perplexed as he is holding his new model. What could be on his mind? “Did I turn the stove off back in Florida?”

Last body double of the meet, Tom Yacco and Billy Joel.

While many go back home to toil away at a plethora of different career positions, I also go back as my chosen calling, a Santa's elf. I like being the Santa's elf, at 6 feet, 2 inches, 280 pounds, belly like Santa, and a North Pole shop at the base of Pikes Peak. And yes, little Jimmy and Mary, Santa is real. He just lives in Shenzhen, China.

I will go back and put finishing production touches, making these ... 30,000 of them.

Who wants to build models for a living all day, someone has to do it!

Who wants to build models for a living all day? Someone has to do it!

The last image is my cat. She was so upset and freaked because I was leaving, she napped. I found her seven days later in the exact same position. (Her name is Sunday.) Any takers on why she got that one?

Next year, come one come all, let's bring our kitties.


Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:27pm Jim Abbott (not verified)

That's easy: Sunday = day(s) of rest.

Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:27pm Robert (not verified)

Nice try. Close, she born on a Sunday and 8 weeks later I picked her up on Sunday, massive thought went into that name.

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