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July 22, 2021: Indoor Free Flight

By Rob Romash

The doors open at 7 a.m. each day, and the competition starts at 9 a.m.

The building was a little slower filling Wednesday after folks settled in Tuesday.

It was an early arrival for me, and about a half-dozen others. We were greeting with a dimly lit space where the few models flying would blend into shadows in the ceiling in dawn conditions.

Soon after though, the lights were on and the air buzzed with high-speed launches of various balsa/carbon-fiber gliders.

It has been an interesting sport to follow, and to watch advances happen rapidly in the event. Materials keep being tweaked and the lightness of structures still holds up to 60 mph launches. The DLG models are now front and center and we are starting to see more variation of the line.

I fly DLG and it is a smoother way to throw. I did have an errant launch on one of my older Javelin-style gliders that resulted in loud popping bangs of composites breaking and a small cloud of dust in the impact crater.

Everyone has a favorite “launch style” depending on form, function, and possible unhinged  emotional feelings toward your glider at hand, good or bad.

Launch Styles

Relaxed Style.

Headlights Style.

"I Got This" Style.

Reaching for the Stars Style.

Quiet Contemplation Style.

Laser Style.

Action Man Style.

Assassination Style.

Which do you like? Any to add?

How much fun can you have with an AMA BETA?

Silly fun!

Above: Body Double—Paul Finn and the Parthenon. Paul can sleep 23.9 hours a day, just minutes short of how long my cats sleeps.

Below is Hope Finn with her Unlimited Stick. Just think of building the most delicate and frustrating model and this is it. This class is the king of the hill with ultimate high times of over an hour clocked at various times and venues. (Retraction, humble author stated their company was J&R Aerospace, its J&H!!!)

She is thinking, “I can’t believe I got it here in one piece.”

John Kagan just had his second "senior moment." He forgot where he put his model box (found here, whew). I am not at liberty to say what may have been his first senior moment.


Mon, 04/11/2022 - 12:28pm Bayard Temple (not verified)

I was there with a buddy to watch on Wednesday. Unfortunately we had to leave early and missed the ‘powered’ portion if the day.
We spent quite some time talking to Guha’s mother. The challenges he faces preparing for indoor events in a warm weather state were things I never considered.

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