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July 19, 2019: CL Racing

By Tim Stone (stone-tim@sbcglobal.net)

The competition wrapped up Thursday with the running of Clown Race and Sport Goodyear.

Clown Race rules specify a standard design, the PDQ Clown, a 50-plus-year-old design currently kitted by Brodak Manufacturing and PDK. Any engine can be used, up to a .19 displacement. Engine preference has become RC car conversions and FAI combat motors. Unlike other racing events, the winner is determined by who has flown the most number of laps in a specified time period.

There were four entries this year. Each team was given two 7.5-minute races. Lap counts spread for all teams were between 136 and 138 laps; very close counts! Chuck Barnes Jr. was the winner of some good races.

Sport Goodyear, using Dallas rules, has become much more popular throughout the years, with a reasonable supply of plain bearing .15s. Bill Bischoff has been a huge part of this event’s success by supplying most of the specialty items. His articles have been published in Model Aircraft News and he has made it far easier for anyone to get into this event. Currently, Magnum or ASP XLS .15s are the specified motors, but this could change due to recent supply shortages of this motor.

There were 11 entries in this hotly contested event. Racers were given two 80-lap preliminaries with two 3-up finals runs. All races were run 3-up with few difficulties. Results are posted and were very close.

Sport Goodyear pre-race lineup.

Mike Greb pitting a Clown racer.

The front end of Bill Lees' Clown racer. O.S. .18TZ.

Chuck Barnes and Bill Bischoff heat race.

Bill Bishoffs Clown racer.

TJ Viera Pat Hempel Bob Heywood Sport Goodyear heat race.

Thursday's final results.


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