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July 18, 2020: CL Speed

By Warren Gregory

Winners and Results from C Speed, D Speed, and Jet Speed.

Patrick Hempel placed second in C Speed with 167.63mph

Chris Montagino is the National Champion in C Speed for 2020.

Patrick Hempel placed third in D Speed at 176.6.

Chris Montagino won second place in D Speed with a close run of 177.2.

Bill Hughes is this years D Speed National Champion with a run of 180.02. This event was really close.

Patrick Hempel again won the Jet High Speed award for 2020

Chris Montagino's D Speed ship.

James VanSant listening for the right setting.

James VanSant doing his trademark "launch."

Patrick Hempel wins fast Jet with a nice run at 183.75 mph.

Third place in C Speed goes to Bill Hughes at 165.39 mph.


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