By Warren Gregory

Winners and Results from F2A, 21 Sport, and Fox 35.

Carl Dodge's Fox Rocket and .21.

Bill Hughes winning Fox Speedster.

Another Carl Dodge Fox Speed marvel.

Looks dangerous ... right.

Bill Hughes, 3rd place in Fox Speed.

Carl Dodge wins 2nd place in Fox.

Bill Hughes wins 1st place in Fox Speed.

.21 Speed Sport winners.

Glen VanSant, 3rd Place 21 Speed Sport.

Bill Hughes 2nd Place in .21 Speed Sport.

F2A winners 2020.

Chris Montagio 3rd Place, F2A.

Bill Hughes 2nd Place in F2A.

Alex Valishev National Champion F2A Speed.

Ivan Valishev, Jr/Senior National Champion in F2A Speed.

Father and son national champions in F2A. Congrats to the Valishev's.


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