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July 12, 2020: CL Beginner Stunt

By Mike Stinson

As you all know, this is a very strange year for everyone. No different for Control Line Beginner Stunt, which took place Sunday, July 12. We had more volunteers than contestants for the first time that I can remember. This allowed us to finish before the predicted rain, which never came. The event ran smoothly because of the good help and cooperation of the contestants. I have heard some very good comments about the contestants from the volunteers.

We had six entries this year. Two were Junior/Senior, four were Open/Adults.  Junior winner was Daran Plunkett and Senior winner A. J. Lee. His father and Grandfather are both competing in PAMPA Stunt.  The Adult contestants, in the order, were Larry Hiller, first; Dave Rigotti, second; Thomas Vieira II, third; and Dave Homeier, fourth.

We were lucky to have Shelia Cranfill and Joe Otto on entries and tabulation. Matt Brown helped with pull tests and served as pit boss. David Betz walked and took over as runner. That was really appreciated. Kenny Stevens and Mike Scott lent their Stunt expertise as coaches to critique each flight. Wes Eakin was joined by Joe Daly (the younger one!), judging the event. I thank you all for your generous help.

As was started by Allen Brickhaus many years ago, modelers donated quite a number of items to help Beginner Stunt flyers continue to improve. I can’t possibly name them all as many just walk up and give me models, engines, and other Control Line gear and were gone before I could even get their names. Several contestants said they would be back next year flying the models the chose at the contest.

A few who I knew or who left their names include Richard Imhoff, Mike McHenry, Mike Londke, Wes Eakin, Sparky from Stunthanger, Bob Heywood, T. J. Vieira, and Vintage Performance. With so many generous modelers, I can’t keep track, which is a good problem. We greatly appreciate all the donations. All in all, I think everyone had a very good time.

(L-R): Mike Scott, coach; T. J. Vieira; David Rigotti; Shelia Cranfell, tabulation; A. J. Lee; Joe Ott, tabulation; Matt Brown, pit boss; Paul Hiller; Dave Homeier; unknown; Daran Plunkett; Blake Heard; and Pete Plunkett.


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