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July 11, 2019: IMAC Nats

By Rich Whitlow (rwhitlow@gmail.com)
Wednesday started with a bit of an edge in the air. It was final day, and everyone had to complete two Unknown and two Known single sequences. The results would be 20% of their score.

The day started well. There were clouds but flying could be done. Then there came a brief rain shower. We had a competitor’s aircraft in the air, but he was able to land safely.

After the shower was complete, all of the rounds were flown without incident.

With these scores in, setup for Freestyle began. The sound was set up, the judges were gathered, and the competitors set up their Freestyle planes. There were three competitors in Freestyle, and they all gave a great and thrilling show for the crowd.

The awards were given out by Event Director Doug Pilcher, who thanked everyone who attended and helped to make this event such a great success. The final results will be posted as soon as everyone gets home and has time to get them uploaded.

These pilots earned their awards and places in Nats history!

Sportsman: William Jackson
Intermediate: JJ Hedrick
Advanced: Rhett Lambert
Unlimited: David Moser
Freestyle: Rhett Lambert
Schroder Cup: William Jackson
Bennett Cup: Kurt Koelling

Everyone packed up and headed home, with great memories of new and old friends. Now let’s look forward to next year and the chance to see each other again.

2019 IMAC Nats Final Scores Unlimited

2019 IMAC Nats Final Scores Sportsman

2019 IMAC Nats Final Scores Intermediate

2019 IMAC Nats Final Scores Advanced

Bennett Cup Race

Schroder Cup Race


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