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The 2016 Nats has ended

The 2016 National Aeromodeling Championships at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana, have come to a close. Thank you to all participants and spectators. We hope you have many good memories to take home with you. Please stay turned tomorrow for the final results of RC Helicopter. We hope to have all Nats event scores posted soon. Please visit /www.modelaircraft.org/events/nats/scores.aspx as we continue to add results. See you next year!



Mon, 04/11/2022 - 2:19pm Dave from New E... (not verified)

Dear AMA: Dave from New England here - I have to wonder, after the case of hospital-grade heatstroke I received from outdoor aeromodeling activity in the summer of 1980, that with the reality of climate change and steadily INCREASING summer temperatures, if an alternative concept for either a springtime or an AUTUMN-timeframe Nats national event is foreseeable in the AMA's future, especially to preserve Nats participants health and well-being, and especially to help protect aeromodelers' health from permanent damage due to such extremes of summertime heat and humidity. As that case of heatstroke from the summer of 1980 rendered me sensitive to heat indices of above 85ºF (29ºC) and higher, I can never safely fly RC aircraft again in such conditions - such extreme heat/humidity conditions render me dizzy and "glassy-eyed" as a permanent after-effect of the case of heatstroke I received, which had initially resulted in a severe case of nausea from a 48-hour-long shutdown of my digestive system as a central effect of the heatstroke I suffered 36 years ago. Summertime heat-induced illness IS something to be taken very, very seriously...and if the AMA does not consider an eventual (AND permanent) move of the Nats event timeframe into either the spring or autumn seasons, more aeromodelers at such a normally "summertime" event could be rendered "ill for life" from such increasingly severe periods of extreme heat and humidity, as predicted for the conditions of climate change. Thank you, Dave from New England

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