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Radio Control Combat

RC Combat Association
07/11/2023 to 07/13/2023
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The objective of RC Combat is to recreate the excitement of World War II fighter combat in an enjoyable, safe competition that is interesting for the spectators and challenging for the contestants. RC Combat involves multiple airplanes, each carrying a crepe-paper streamer.  The objective is to cut the opponent’s streamer while protecting your own.  RC Combat is an inexpensive sport with aircraft that are made from a variety of materials.  There are several classes of Combat flown in the US. As of this date, the official AMA events are Scale, Open, and Slow Survivable Combat (SSC), but quickly becoming popular is the provisional (unofficial) Class B event.  Witnessing RC Combat allows you to experience the excitement as between five and eight aircraft battle one another.  Of course, the biggest thrill is to be one of the pilots. It is five minutes of pure exhilaration in the air as you compete with at least four other pilots!